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🌊 Helmwave is helm3-native tool for deploy your Helm Charts via GitOps. HelmWave is like docker-compose for helm.

🚀 Features

We focus on speed execution, tiny size, pretty debugging.

With helmwave you will become a superhero:

  • Deploy multiple environments by one step
  • Separate values for environments
  • Common values for apps
  • Keep a directory of chart value files
  • Maintain changes in version control
  • Template values
  • Step by Step deployment (depends_on, allow_failure)
  • Live tracking kubernetes resources with kubedog
  • Fetch data from external datasource like vault, aws ssm
  • ... and much more!

Comparison to alternatives

🌊 HelmWave Helmfile Helmsman
Syntax YAML + sprig/gomplate YAML + sprig TOML/YAML
Requirements No kubectl, helm
helm-diff (optional: helm-secrets, helm-s3, helm-git)
kubectl, helm
Helm execution function call of bundled helm os.Exec os.Exec
Remote values Partially Yes No
Parallel releases Yes Yes No
Releases dependencies Yes (depends_on) Yes (needs) Kind of (priority)
Latest docker image size
Linux amd64 binary size + requirements + requirements
Live-tracking kubernetes resources Kubedog No No
Compatible with helm v2 no Yes Yes
Graph dependencies yes No No

🌊 Helmwave is inspired by docker-compose, terraform and helmfile,

Here I would like to express our gratitude to all contributors for their commits, authors of third-party dependencies and all open source community ❤️

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