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Deep dive to planΒΆ

By default, plan is stored in .helmwave directory

Explanation of what a plan is.

  • planfile
  • manifest/
  • values/
  • charts/


Planfile is a main yaml document. It contains information about all your planned resources. Planfile is a computed helmwave.yml file.

graph.mdΒΆ is a markdown file. It contains visualisation for graph dependencies.

You can open this file with your favorite IDE and render image with mermaid.


Manifest is a directory where you can find all templated kubernetes resources in next format <release>@<namespace>.yml

You can scan the manifests in this directory.

See the example

Sure! You can apply that manifests directly like that: kubectl apply -f .helmwave/manifest


Values is a directory where you can find rendered values files of your releases. To find the values for your releases you can use next pattern : ./helmwave/values/<release>@<namespace>/<hash>.yml


Charts is a directory where helmwave can store downloaded charts for all your releases. It's not required but very useful when you want to use helmwave with DMZ cases.