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📥 Installation

You can install the pre-compiled binary from releases, packages, use Docker or compile from the source.

Here are the steps for each of them:

🍏 Mac OS

Download one of releases

Install with 🍺 brew

brew install helmwave/tap/helmwave

or use wget

export VERSION=0.25.0
wget -c$VERSION/helmwave_${VERSION}_darwin_amd64.tar.gz -O - | tar -xz
mv helmwave /usr/local/bin/

🐧 Linux

Download one of releases

export VERSION=0.25.0
wget -c$VERSION/helmwave_${VERSION}_linux_amd64.tar.gz -O - | tar -xz
mv helmwave /usr/local/bin/

🪟 Windows

!!! Attention "We haven't tried running this on Windows."

Download one of releases

Run as a container Docker Pulls

We use 2 docker registries.

Registry URL project page
Docker hub view
Github Container registry view
docker pull diamon/helmwave
docker pull

Use specific version

docker pull diamon/helmwave:0.25.0
docker pull

docker run --entrypoint=ash -it --rm --name helmwave
# helmwave version

Use scratch image

scratch image run with nobody user.

docker pull diamon/helmwave:scratch
docker pull

docker run version

Use scratch image with specific helmwave version

docker pull diamon/helmwave:0.25.0-scratch
docker pull

Install with go get GitHub go.mod Go version

export VERSION=0.25.0

Compile from source

git clone
cd helmwave
go build ./cmd/helmwave
mv -f helmwave /usr/local/bin/

Install with marcosnils/bin

bin install