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🌊 Helmwave is helm3-native tool for deploy your Helm Charts via GitOps. HelmWave is like docker-compose for helm.

🚀 Features

We focus on speed execution, tiny size, pretty debugging.

With 🌊 helmwave you will become a superhero:

  • Deploy multiple environments by one step
  • Separate values for environments
  • Common values for apps
  • Keep a directory of chart value files
  • Maintain changes in version control
  • Template values
  • Manage deploy behavior (pending_release_strategy, depends_on, allow_failure)
  • Live tracking kubernetes resources with kubedog
  • Fetch data from external datasource like vault, aws ssm
  • ... and much more!

Comparison to alternatives

🌊 HelmWave Helmfile Helmsman
Syntax YAML + sprig/gomplate YAML + sprig TOML/YAML
Code style snake_case camelCase camelCase
Requirements No kubectl, helm
helm-diff (optional: helm-secrets, helm-s3, helm-git)
kubectl, helm
Helm execution function call of bundled helm os.Exec os.Exec
Helm diff function call of bundled helm-diff os.Exec os.Exec
Live-tracking kubernetes resources Kubedog No No
Get application logs Kubedog No No
Get k8s events Kubedog and helm progress No No
Labels tags labels ?
Manage kube-context via iac Yes Yes Yes
Parallel releases Yes Yes Releases with the same priority can be executed in parallel.
Parallel limitations Smart DAG goroutine count with concurrency limitation concurrent helm processes max number of concurrent helm releases to run
Releases dependencies depends_on needs Kind of (priority)
Dependencies cross namespaces via @ via / No
Manage pending strategy Yes No No
Explain graph dependencies Yes No No
Latest docker image size
Compatible with helm v2 No Yes Yes
OCI registries option in repositories only pull, not login
Sub-main config No Yes ?
manage render values render option and options for setting delimiters by file extension ?
Remote values HTTP/HTTPS only go-getter ?
Planfile Yes No No
Vault / AWS SSM via gomplate datasources custom functions ?

🌊 Helmwave was inspired by docker-compose, terraform and helmfile.

Here I would like to express our gratitude to all contributors for their commits, authors of third-party dependencies and all open source community ❤️